Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Family Update Sept 2016

We have officially found our groove here on Maui and in YWAM. Schooling for the kids has been great. Jennifer is continuing to home school and has partnered with a CO-OP home school program which is shared among 24 families. It is great for our kids to have a school experience with other kids their age. Jennifer (and all Moms involved) share the teaching responsibilities for the various classes. She also meets weekly with a few of the YWAM staff girls for discipleship.

Our family has adopted a great dog named Noble. We adopted him from a rescue center and he has quickly stolen our hearts and become a part of our family. This is the first dog our family has ever had. Because of our lifestyle of constant travel, we have never been in a situation to adopt a dog before. Now that we have settled, our kids will have the great childhood memories of dog ownership.
Peter has continued his role on YWAM Maui as base Operations Director but has been teaching in the Discipleship training schools as well. He's had amazing opportunities to help disciple and send these students and staff to other countries including China.

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