Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lord used a penny

Levi's Surgery Story
 On Sept. 23 Levi accidentally swallowed a penny while playing. We talked to the doctor and he said it should be fine to let it go through naturally. Just a few days later Levi had a regular doctors appointment scheduled and the doctor said since we are there let's do a X-ray and see how the penny is doing. We saw the penny and the visit was over. The next morning the doctor called us up and said he(doctor) was so focused on the penny he didn't see something very serious until now. He wanted Levi back in right now. Levi has Congenital cystic lung disease (the same thing Makena had at birth He is operating on 1 lung. Levi's right lung is completely collapsed. They almost did a emergency flight to Oahu(big city island) for an operation that day but after seeing how Levi is living with out distress right now they discharged us for a regular surgeon consultation on Oct 16th. After seeing the surgeon they have set the surgery dat for Dec.16th. He will be in the hospital there for 3 to 7 days and then will have another month recovery time and observation if no other complications come up.
If Levi hadn't swallowed that penny,  we might have never have seen it until it was an emergency. We feel really blessed that the Lord would watch over us like this. We would really appreciate your prayers for Levi and us.